Eggs Milk Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Eggs Milk Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Eggs Milk Chocolate Pudding

               Eggs milk chocolate is a sweet food for your happy family. You can try this recipe if you have breaktime. This simple recipe can make your family happy in every momen you try. Happy foody 🙂


  1. 1 sachet gelatin brown
  2. 900 ml of liquid chocolate milk
  3. 1 piece of egg , beaten

How to Make :

  1. Prepare the pan , and then enter the chocolate flavored gelatin into the liquid chocolate milk , pudding mix until ingredients are well blended and no clumping . When boiling the ingredients should be stored pudding over medium heat
  2. Furthermore dissolve rather milk is warm , take approximately 100 ml and add to the bowl of beaten egg and stir until blended .
  3. Then add the gelatin warm milk into the mixture and stir again until evenly boil .
  4. After that , enter the egg solution and 100 ml of milk had to pan containing milk mixed solution of gelatin being boiled . Stir until mixture is well blended . If the dough is boiling , remove from heat and insert it into the prepared molds that allow cold custard and pudding is now ready to be served .



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