Japanese soba sauce Recipe

Japanese soba sauce Recipe

 Japanese soba sauce Recipe

Lets try this simple recipe mommy 🙂


500 g buckwheat greens dried , ready-made

just enough water to boil

1 L of water

3 tablespoons miso

1 tablespoon dashi

1 tea spoon of salt

1 teaspoon ground pepper

2 cloves garlic , then grated

2 tablespoons finely sliced ​​scallions

50 grams shimeji mushrooms , then slice lengthwise

240 grams of silken tofu , drained and diced 2 cm

200 g fresh large prawns , then peel , then leaving the tail

1 teaspoon red chili powder oraccording to taste


1.       boil water and then water as needed , until soft boiled buckwheat drain , then set aside

2.      To make the sauce first step didigkan besama water dashi , miso , pepper and salt

3.      Then enter the grated garlic , mushrooms , leaves bawang.Kemudian cook until the vegetables are wilted

4.      Then enter the silken tofu and shrimp , all materials matang.Kemudian lift ready to be served to your beloved family

5.      Presenting suggestions to make sprinkle red chili powder and serve while warm .


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