Juice Mango cream Recipe

Juice Mango cream Recipe

Juice mango cream recipe

of course everyone has been drinking mango juice and make your own ? mango juice is a juice thats very fresh and very usefull for healthy skin and body . but have you ever imagine drinking mango juice with vanilla cream and yogurt ? If you want to make it, this place is the right place . Good Luck with this simple recipe 🙂


  • 250 grams of meat sweet mango, cut into pieces
    • 2 tablespoons cream cheese
    • 5 spades vanilla ice cream
    • 100 ml yogurt
    • 1 tablespoon cashews that have been roasted, mashed. Use for topping drinks

 how to make:

  1. Add mango, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt into a blender
    2. Blend until smooth
    3. Prepare the serving glasses. In order to seen more beautiful use a high glass
    4. Pour the mixtures results into serving glasses
    5. Sprinkle cashews
    6. Juice mango cream is ready to drink.


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