Putu Ayu recipe

Putu Ayu recipe

putu ayu

Putu Ayu suitable for you who love to eat traditional food. Putu Ayu is a traditional Indonesian cake. You can find him in the traditional markets. but if lazy to market, you can make it yourself at home. here’s the recipe. happy cooking 🙂


150 grams of wheat flour
200 grams sugar
2 chicken eggs
200 ml coconut milk
1 tsp SP
100 grams of grated young coconut
green dye to taste
salt to taste
How to Make :
1. The first step in advance of whipped eggs, then add sugar and berikanSP to really expand and white. Then input the flour mix well.
2. Next, pour the milk little by little, stirring until evenly distributed. Then enter the green dye, mix well.
3. Combine the coconut and salt, mix well. Enter into the mold gradually until a new solid putu ayu pour the batter into it until it is full.
4. Preheat steamer and steamed cakes putu ayu until cooked. Remove and serve.

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