roasted rice recipe

roasted rice recipe

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already bored with the breakfast food that’s it? This time we will present a special menu for you ie mushrooms roasted rice. Roasted rice mushrooms will make you become addicted to breakfast in the morning. This food has particularly good taste because it is made from the basic ingredients of white rice mixed with mushrooms then given the right spices.

    White rice
banana leaves to wrap around to taste
toothpick taste
oil for frying to taste
200 grams of fresh mushroom and bud
2 ml coconut milk
150 grams of chicken (cut into small pieces)
1 red pepper fruit (puree)
2 eggs hazelnut sangarai (puree)
10 pieces of green chilies (puree)
3 cloves of garlic (crushed)
3 red onions (puree)
1 cm ginger (puree)
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
sugar to taste
salt to taste
flavoring to taste

How to make :
    1. Saute the ingredients are mashed with a little oil until fragrant
2. Pour the coconut milk and let stand until boiling, stirring, stirring
3. Enter the chicken pieces into the seasoning, stir until half cooked
4. Enter the mushrooms and add pepper powder, sugar, salt and flavorings, stir until well blended and cooked, set aside for a moment
5. Take the taste of white rice wrapped in banana leaves and give sauteed mushrooms in the middle
6.  Roll lengthwise like a rice cake and both ends pinned with a toothpick (do to finish)
7.  Roasted rice that has been wrapped up in banana leaves to dry and brown
8. Roasted rice ready to be served

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