Sweet Papaya-Orange Juice recipe

Sweet Papaya-Orange Juice recipe

jus pepaya jeruk

One medium sized papaya contains just 120 calories. So, if you’re planning to lose your weight, this just is the best choice for you to drink. Beside you can get a thousand benefit of orange that is mixing with it. Do not hesitate to make this mixed juice in your kitchen. Happy juicy time!


  1. One mature papaya
    2. 100 grams of sweet orange
    3. 3 lemons
    4. 1.5 tablespoons powdered sugar
    5. 2 glasses of water
    6. Fruit knife
    7. Blender
    8. Glass
    9. Sufficiently Ice cubes

How to make:

  1. Wash the papaya and orange fruits with clean water.
    2. Peel the papaya, remove its seeds and cut into small dice form.
    3. Peel the oranges and remove the seeds.
    4. Put papaya and orange fruits that have been peeled into a blender.
    5. Add sugar and ice cubes sufficiently.
    6. Give a little boiled water.
    7. Blend the ingredients until smooth.
    8. Pour into serving glasses.
    9. Add the lemon juice. Stir it till well.
    10. Sweet Papaya-Orange Juice is ready to be served.

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